The Lame Religious Reason President Magufuli Used to Flatly Oppose Raila Odinga’s Swearing in

NASA Chief Raila Odinga’s oath taking ceremony after the highly contested 2017 Presidential elections created a lot of tension in the Country. What Kenyans didn’t know was what was happening behind the scenes even as preparations for the event seemingly gained momentum.

ODM Chief Raila Odinga was a man in a difficult situation. First, he was likely to face Treason Charges should he have proceeded with the plan to take oath of office as President. At the same time, the AU High envoy for Infrastructure did not want to disappoint his millions of supporters who did not want to hear anything short of him taking an oath of office.

Former adviser to Raila Odinga an self declared NRM General Miguna Miguna has in his new book highlighted the behind the scenes of Raila Odinga’s oath taking ceremony.

The now exiled Lawyer has revealed that Tanzania’s President Magufuli decline a request to have Raila take oath in Tanzania and even opposed the whole plan.

Miguna explains how “his” National Revolutionary Movement of Kenya (NRM-Ke) committee proposed to swear Raila at the Kenyan Embassy in Ghana or Tanzania.

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The two foreign missions, according to Miguna, were a fallback plan should the government have cracked down on NASA and blocked his swearing in at a venue in Nairobi.

“The NRMKe team had proposed that if we were unable to conduct the function in a public space such as Uhuru Park in Nairobi, which was the preferred venue then we could do it at a Kenyan Embassy in Ghana or Tanzania. The second option was to hold it either in Kakamega, or Kilifi, or Mombasa,” Miguna reveals in his new book, Treason: The Case Against Tyrants & Renegades.’

The Kenyan-born lawyer with Canadian citizenship, says Raila had tasked his trusted ally and Siaya senator James Orengo to speak to President Magufuli about the possibility of holding the ceremony in Tanzania.

According to the book, ‘ Miguna says president Magufuli who has close personal ties with Raila, flatly opposed the whole swearing in plan.

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The self-declared NRM General writes in the newly released book: “According to Orengo, Magufuli believed that leadership was ‘a gift from God’ and that if God had not given Raila that gift, there was no reason to pursue our plans and that Raila should forget about being sworn in as The People’s President,” reads an excerpt from the book launched on Saturday.

Miguna says the statements were interpreted to mean that Magufuli was of the view that God did not want Raila to be the president of Kenya.

“I found such statements to be outrageous. God had not manipulated the August 8, 2017 General Election,” Miguna says in his explosive book.

God had neither established a weak IEBC, threatened and/or bribed its commissioners and secretarial staff, threatened the Kenyan judiciary, he notes.

“God was not guilty of switching off the IEBC kiems kits, infiltrating and posting altered numbers on the IEBC server, nor was he responsible for refusing to give access to the IEBC server as had been ordered  by the Supreme Court of Kenya,” the controversial lawyer says.


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