We are in this Together! Kenyans rally support for actress Chantelle Petit burdened by hospital bill after giving birth

After nine tiring months of carrying her pregnancy to term, popular actress Chantelle Petit left for the hospital to meet her son. After a labourious process, the actress’s little boy came through and it was a happy day.

In a sad Instagram post, the singer who doubles as an actress said her birth process was not a walk in the park. Completely saddened, the new mum said she had to endure three surgeries after welcoming her bundle of joy.


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Happiness is getting to cuddle my Boo Boo after a long painful session in the toilet. I won’t lie, having a birth injury specifically a 3rd degree tear and fistula isn’t easy. I usually feel so guilty that I can’t cuddle with my love for more than 5 mins, change her diaper or breastfeed all because of the amount of pain I feel in my perinial area while sitting/standing. I mostly sit on my side as seen above when I want to hold my love. Still painful ? but I smile still because I know God is in control. If you haven’t already, watch my labour and delivery vlog by clicking the link on my bio. Let’s create awareness on what women go through after childbirth mentally, physically and emotionally. To all the women who have survived birth injuries, I love you all. Thank you for inspiring me to stay positive during this time. You’ve made me feel better ❤❤❤

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“As mentioned on my recent vlog, my delivery experience has left me in a tough position with a huge bill to clear now and in a few weeks. So far I have had three surgeries and I am scheduled for my fourth to reconstruct my perineum, vulva and vagina,” the actress wrote.

That is not all! Chantelle is awaiting a fourth operation that will help reconstruct her perineum, vulva and vagina. All this because the hopeful actress endured birth complications that require her to undergo a reconstructive fistula surgery.


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Help Chantelle get better.

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Now, she is crippled by a KSh 2 million hospital bill after what seemed like a normal delivery turned into an unforgettable experience. “I hadn’t considered the option of crowdfunding until many of you suggested I get a paybill number to help sort out my hospital bills.

I think it’s very kind of you to consider helping me out in the first place and I’ll forever be grateful,” she said. Touched by the painful story, the beauty’s fans quickly came together to help her cater for the overwhelming medical bill and as it stands, Chantelle still needs more support. Anyone willing to help can contribute to: Mpesa Paybill Business No. – 341168, Account number – 0722242050.

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