Horror & fury that led to the stoning of bhang smoking ex convict to death

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While officers have at some points callledd for the public not to neglect but rather trustfully reintergrate former prisoners set free into the society, a community harshly discovered that it was their worst mistake.

Determined to prove that change is inevitable an ex convict dug his own grave by proceeding to kill a five year old boy.The incident happened at Muragara village in Tharaka Nithi County on Sunday.

Angry villagers then stoned the ex convict to death.The suspect, Eliud Mwenda Ndubi, who had been released a few weeks ago after serving two years in jail for threatening to kill a villager.

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He was cornered as he tried to escape after slashing the boy with a machete.

The boy’s screams attracted the attention of villagers, who rushed to the scene and apprehended the suspect before beating him to death.

Police said they had yet to establish the motive of the attack on the boy but villagers said Ndubi had been a threat their lives.They claimed that Ndubi was a known bhang smoker who always threatened to kill at the slightest provocation.

“We have been feeling unsafe since he was released from prison with some of us even afraid to get out of our homes,” said Kirimi Magana,

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