5 famous songs by Oliver Mtukudzi every African will remember

Related imageZimbabwean musician Oliver Mtukudzi died on Wednesday.

The 66-year-old musician, nicknamed Tuku, had reportedly been struggling with his health for over a month.

He was hailed a cultural icon and his songs, usually sung in his native language Shona, earned him global recognition as one of the best artists to come out Zimbabwe.

To remember Tuku’s contribution to the music industry DRUM has put together a list of five of his greatest hits.

1. Todii


2. Nerria

3. Into yam ft Ringo Malingozi

4. Ndagara Nhaka


5. Ndakuvara

Oliver Mtukudzi’s last album was filled with emotion. Called Hanya’Ga, which translates as “Concern” in the Shona language, it came out last February – three months after Mr Mugabe, who had ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years, was ousted.

It felt like he had taken his gloves off and was able to express his real concerns about the country’s future. From child marriage to the economic meltdown and worries about a lack of concern for human life – he tackled it all.

It was a rallying call for unity among Zimbabweans – a wake-up call to do something to stop the rot that had characterised the country for many years. It was also a letter to the government – a cry for help.

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