This is why your facebook account might be suspended soon

From your personal details to photos, your Facebook account contains a wealth of private information.

Despite this, many people are renting out their Facebook accounts in exchange for money, according to a new report by Buzzfeed.
Several firms are offering the service to exploit Facebook’s ad system.Once an account has been rented out, those running it can create a new page and begin running ads on it.
And worryingly, even if Facebook bans the account, the firms can simply move to another rented account and start the process again.
Speaking to Buzzfeed, John Amerrezvani, a security researcher at Novetta, said: “People who sign up for these programs are effectively ad-mules.”
Mr Amerrezvani estimates that thousands of people have already signed up for these schemes – many of which offer users laptops or money.
However, handing the reigns of your Facebook over to someone else is a ‘terrible idea’, according to Mr Amerrezvani.
He explained: “They can easily install a backdoor or steal your personal files including but not limited to personal photos, electronic tax records, banking information, etc.”
Facebook says it is aware of the schemes and is working to prevent them.Rob Leathern, Facebook product manager on the ads team, told BuzzFeed: “We’ve seen isolated examples of these kinds of account rental services and when we do, take action to find and terminate affected accounts.
“Giving anyone else access to your Facebook account could not only compromise your information, but is a violation of our terms and could lead to your account being suspended.”

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