Jubilee MP reveals how referendum will benefit Mt Kenya more than any other region

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Several leaders have been pushing for referendum, but how is it going to benefit the nation? Will some regions benefit more than others?The spirit of handshake is there, purposely to unite the nation, with referendum being pushed to eradicate the issue of winner take it all, as remarked by president Uhuru Kenyatta during his Kisumu tour.

Is referendum aimed at creating extra positions in the government? Well, Jubilee MP Maina Kamanda has urged Mt Kenya leaders to back the call to change the Constitution, saying it will create positions to ensure their community is represented in the next government.

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Speaking at Thika Greens during the launch of Mt Kenya musicians’ sacco, Tamco, the nominated MP said the referendum is an opportunity to ensure the region is well represented after President Kenyatta retires in 2022.

“The Agikuyu community wants a referendum as it will keep this region in government,” he said.

Mr Kamanda accused some leaders of engaging in the politics of “selling our people” to political brokers yet the time for such is long gone. He added that those who want votes must show their capabilities.

Nominated MP Maina Kamanda

“Some of these leaders were not in the political arena during Kanu times when even your wife would be bought by Kanu machinery. We shall not allow a repeat of such scenarios especially with some leaders viewing themselves as commodities to be bought,” he said.

While mentioning leaders such as Muranga Governor Mwangi wa Iria, Thika Town MP Wainaina wa Jungle said the region has not run out of point men.

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“We have seen leaders like Governor Wa Iria re-elected and rising to political heights by being elected vice chairperson of the Council of Governors. We should not think the region has fallen short of representation,” the MP said.

The governor urged leaders not to drag the presidency into the politics of budgetary allocations to counties.

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