Bob cut!Man kills wife over new hairstyle

A Gilgil man has been arrested after allegedly killing his wife as his one-year-old daughter watched following a domestic quarrel.

The woman was stabbed in the neck and stomach using a kitchen knife following a row over her hairstyle which her husband disapproved of.

The suspect later turned the knife on himself but survived after being rushed to hospital.

Trouble started after the man questioned his wife’s decision to get a bob cut.

Neighbour and children rights activist Sakina Mohammed said a heated argument ensued with the man saying a married woman should not wear such a hairstyle.

Sakina said the man ordered his wife to go back to the salon and make another hairstyle which she refused.

“A fight followed as the man attacked the woman trying to shave her, but this was met with resistance as neighbours tried to break the door,” she said.

Sakina said the man went for a kitchen knife and stabbed the wife as she pleaded for mercy.

“The woman died holding her one-year-old daughter who we later rescued covered in blood and we have taken her to a children’s home,” she said.

The man then stabbed himself in the lower abdomen as members of the public watched.

Gilgil OCPD Emmanuel Opuru confirmed the incident adding that the suspect had been treated and was being held at the police station.

“There was an incident on Monday evening where a disagreement between a man and the wife ended tragically and we have opened an inquiry file,” he said.

The woman’s body was taken to Gilgil subcounty Hospital mortuary.

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