Student who scored 402 marks in KCPE; calls for financial support


We are living in tough times and more parents are complaining for being unable to take their children to schools.

Who is to blame? Tough economic times or does it come alongside reluctance by some of the parents to take up responsibility?

Well many things come in play and it is not a matter of who we should throw stones at.

It may seem like a slight problem but the reality is that many parents are struggling.

On twitter,a man by the name Sam, is calling for help from well wishers to support a young boy with an excellent performance yet he is afraid that the chances of going to school depends on well wishers.

Although Sam hints that the young boy has been raised by a single mother; Kenyans quickly jumped in to say that some single mothers are doing well and it should not really be a reason to pin it to the challenge.

However Kenyans have tagged in politicians and anyone whom they feel can come through for Elisha.

This year I have heard of many cases of students whose education hangs on a balance for lacking school fees.

There is need for this concern to be addressed even if it would mean having more bursaries issued in the county and more to ensure that children go to school.

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