Kenyan Female Artists Unite  to revamp the music industry

Female Artists have  woken up to share their challenges and the future of the music industry.

Some of the artists who have been part of the conversation include Akothee, Victoria Kimani, Vivian, Fena Gitu, Nyota Ndogo and many others.

Recently, pioneer artist Suzanna Owiyo  has shared her insights  and her message to all stakeholders in music industry is that the moment we all stay true to ourselves, we shall reap big in the industry.

She also disagrees that Kenyan music lacks content! Suzanna  believes that there’s good music out here and it deserves to be played.

Upcoming artist Nadia Mukami was also part of the conversation and she says that female artists should also be remembered even as people seek for a soulution..

In her opinion,  she feels that female artists are sometimes underrated.

She however thanks all those who have been supportive  and she says that her wish is for people to do more!

“People have no idea how being a female artist is so tough in such a male dominated industry!Sexism is real out here! I hear people say ‘there are no female artists in Kenya’ In 2019 let’s have a different mindset!We are working!” she says

Another to celebrated artist Fena Gitu says that she believes the future of Kenyan music is safe in the hands of all those who have been advocating for Play Kenyan Music.

The unity that has been experienced  amid female artists in the past few days will prove fruitful.

Singer Akothee and Victoria Kimani have also taken the conversation forward and with this energy we can only watch their pace and wait for the massive transformation.


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