Pascal Tokodi: Some Media personalities denied me interviews


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Kenyan Top Actor and musician Pascal Tokodi has today thanked the  media outlets who give Kenyan music and Kenyan films priority.

He however revealed that they are some media personalities who denied him the opportunity to be interviewed when he was was starting off his career.

The Actor says  that he understands that some of the media houses are desperate for ratings.

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With the conversation getting hotter, Tokodi says that  he is  sure many people will use the influence they have to push Kenyan artists who don’t have the tools and capital to produce international content until Kenya has a proper Industry.

To Kenyans  who say that artists don’t have any good Kenyan content he urged them to do their research.

He also says that there are many cartels and that it why it is difficult for some artists to get airplay in the industry.

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Pascal also added that artists should not wait  for their hands to be held but instead push their content on social media platforms so that they can reach their audience.

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To the media outlets who give Kenyan music and Kenyan films priority , nasema asante, tuendelee kujenga Industry yetu, to those who chase RATINGS , ni sawa tu, kuna wengine wenu mlininyima interviews when I was starting out, Ni sawa, naelewa ni biashara, I and I'm sure many people will use the influence we have to push Kenyan artists who don't have the tools and capital to produce international content until we have a proper Industry. TO THE KENYANS who say we don't have any good Kenyan content, broaded your scopes man! Do your research too, ni ngumu kuingia mainstream media na hizi cartels zote, so it's difficult for some artist who have amazing songs or films to reach you , you on the other hand, waweza jitolea you search for these artists, ask around for open mics that happen and go listen to the Kenyan music ,ukiskia kuna screening for a new film , enda ujione. Ask your friends to send you Kenyan songs or links to films you've never heard or seen and instead of bashing, give it constructive criticism, we're still a growing industry……. AND LASTLY to the artists, investment kidogo into your art can go a long way, usingonje ushikwe mkono na mtu mwingine, put your art on any social media platforms,youtube ,facebook, IG, twitter, jinyime some things so that you have some small capital ata ya kusponsor your art on these platforms to increase your reach, Fanya iwe rahisi for your fans and people who've never heard or seen your work to access it, tag , media handles, presenters, and other artists, and if they like your work, (if they genuinely want to change the industry) they'll definitely share it! 🇰🇪254 Local stations – priority, local art

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