Popular American Rapper Future set to drop a new album


Popular American Rapper is set to drop a new album this month.

Futute shared an image of his album cover on instagram and gave the details of the release.

This new flame is scheduled to hit the music industry on the 18th January.

The artist has already released two hits from this album to hype it Crushed Up which was dropped 5 days ago and his most recent dubbed Jumping on a Jet.

Crushed up in 5 days already has over 3Million views  a clear indication that he nailed it in this.

This year has kicked off on a high note for most artists as American Star Chris Brown also announced the coming of his new project ‘Indigo’

Chris Brown on his end recently hyped his project with  ‘Undecided’

Most of the artists have promised entertainment bliss this year and fans are expectant, hyped and ready.

What are your thoughts on this coming Album?



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