Bahati sends message of gratitude to Bonfire Adventures CEO



Gospel Artist Bahati has today unleashed the Top 5 list of people who have contributed to his success.

Bahati says that it is through their support that he has got where he is today.

He also adds that his achievements were fueled by   the people who have held his hands throughout his journey.

Bahati has named Jaguar, Simon Kabu, Kevin Mulei as the pillars of his career and he also sent out his message to the media and Djs to show how grateful he is.

He also urged them to continue supporting him with the same energy.

Bahati says to Simon Kabu that he is hardworking and he is thankful for the fact that he was entrusted with the role of being and Ambassador of Kenya’s Leading Travel Agency; Bonfire adventures.

He also credits him for being the man  who taught him how Balance Entertainment, Family and Business.

Have a look at the full message


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