Why lawyer Nelson Havi has called advocate Peter Wanyama a shameless traitor and wet boy

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Lawyer Nelson Havi

After the DPP listed another one of professor Tom Ojienda’s colleague peter Wanyama as prosecution witness in Mumias sugar graft case,another lawyer another colleague has fired back heavy claims against Wanyama.

Lawyer Nelson Havi has come out to accuse fellow lawyer Peter Wanyama of collecting information from professor Ojienda’s legal team and transmitting it to what he called his ‘masters’

Havi said that Wanyama had been hovering around Professor Ojienda’s legal team and giving out information.

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Advocate Peter Wanyama

He likened Wanyama to Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus and leading to his arrest. He said that Wanyama was a witness to the intended prosecution of Professor Ojienda.

The DPP revealed that Advocate Peter Wanyama will be a Prosecution witness in the case whose investigations were halted until February 18.

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Justice Otieno Odek

Court of Appeal Judge James Otieno Odek, who also worked at the same law firm as Ojienda and Wanyama, is also expected to testify as a Prosecution witness.

Ojienda was apprehended a Sh200 million audit at Mumias Sugar Company. This was after DPP Noordin Haji approved his arrest. Nelson Havi is the counsel representing Professor Tom Ojienda.

Peter Wanyama said that he left professor Ojienda’s Law firm in 2012.

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