Video: Before and after Prophet Owour rose to “President like status”

Prophet Owuor’s pompous arrival in Nakuru town was captured on video, which shows eight fully-occupied police vehicles with sirens and two motorcycle outriders accompanying the man of God.

A convoy of more than 40 mid and high-end cars also formed part of Prophet Owuor’s convoy.

This was not the case before he rose to his current status. He was just a humble preacher with no body guards preaching in the streets of Nakuru.

The Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet has vowed to take action against officers, who assigned over eight police vans to self-proclaimed prophet David Owuor during his triumphant entry into Nakuru County last Friday.

And now, IG Boinnet says the magisterial display of police protection during Prophet Owuor’s arrival in Nakuru was “inappropriate” and smells of “misuse of public resources”.

“The law allows one to hire police for private functions; however, not to the scale depicted in the [Prophet Owuor] video. I am assuring you that action is being taken. Misuse of public resources is not permitted in law,” Mr Boinnet said in a statement seen by Citizen Digital on Saturday.

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