Brenda speaks about her Subira role

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Kenyan actress Brenda Wairimu left her TV job at ebru TV to concentrate on her acting career and so far seems like she os doing well.

Just this year she has featured in a number of shows and most recent been the  the Kenyan-Danish movie, ‘Subira’, at Nyali Cinemax.

The movie which is so far doing well in the entertainment world has been nominated in 13 categories of Kalasha Film Awards 2018, and scooped five awards.

The show is about a young, free-spirited girl from Lamu, who struggles to live her dream of swimming against the local custom and an arranged upper-class marriage.

According to Brenda who is one of the main characters which is Subira said,   “I have always been attracted to strong female leads. I had to try it out. Female characters are always complex in such a beautiful way, their emotions are complex and well-thought-out,” she said.

She further added saying, that the storyline of the movie is “a story that is not well known. I’m happy to tell a story of someone who is somewhat voiceless”.

The Mombasa screening was a full house, with the audience including veteran TV actor Kenneth Ambani and Mpower Limited managing director Janet Katisya.

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