[PICTURES] Bishop Owuor’s Multi-million Bungalow in Runda

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To many people, the Mighty man of God Dr. Prophet David Owuor is the real deal. A miracle worker who has healed several people. He is loved and adored by his followers. In fact to some, he is the promised messiah who will deliver them from bondage.

But there is a group of people who believe Owuor has whitewashed his followers who believe he is the next Jesus Christ. According to Blogger Abraham Mutai, the Prophet leads a cult and does not want to be criticized.

On Thursday, Mutai who also refers to himself as Lord Abraham Mutai took on the man of God accusing him of several things including using intimidation to subdue critics.

The blogger went ahead and disclosed that Prophet Owuor, the mighty man of God is building a sh 340 million bungalow in Runda. The house is being constructed by Owuor’s followers.

After posting the pictures, he went ahead and showed how Owuor has been asking his poor followers to contribute for the multi-million project by sending 441 and 882. It is not clear what these numbers mean.

As usual, Owuor’s followers have come out in large numbers to curse Mutai.

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