How Prophet Owuor convinced his followers to build him a ksh340M mansion in Runda

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Dr Prophet David Awuor, the “Mighty prophet of God” as known to his followers has been hitting headlines for the purported miracles he performs, which remains to be true to his followers, but are they?

Details have started emerging of all the “drama” behind his miracles, and how he is now living big in Nairobi’s Runda estate, courtesy of his followers.

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It is being alleged that the prophet performs no miracles. Allegations have it that his media team edits the video clips taken from different conferences to fix “fake” miracles. The edited videos are only used in Dr Awuor’s advertisements of his upcoming conferences to win him more followers.

Here is an example of one of the video adverts for one of his upcoming conference in Nakuru.

Prophet Awuor, is currently leaving in Runda in a palatial home worth Ksh 340 million. Some Kenyans may now wonder how Awuor managed to build himself such a palatial home, but here now unveils the truth. It is alleged that managed to convince his followers till they aided the putting up of the house, but now how? Allegations have it that Owuor told his followers that many nations wanted the opportunity to build him a MANSION but ONLY Kenya was given that chance by GOD! Really?

Have the modern men of God taken an advantage of their role to defraud Kenyans? What do you think of most current servants of God?

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