Details of how former Kilifi deputy governor will be buried

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The funeral is all set for the burial of slain Kilifi ex-deputy governor Kenneth Kamto on Wednesday at his farm in Bejana, Rabai. Kamto will be buried in accordance with Islamic rites after a decision was made on Saturday by the wife and children, putting an end to debate over which religious rites will be used to bury him.

A member of the funeral planning committee revealed that there was an initial tussle between different members of Kamto’s nuclear and extended families over how he will be buried.

“However, the decision on how a deceased is to be buried lies squarely with the wife and children according to Islam,” said the committee member.


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On Saturday, Kamto’s wife Fauzia and her five children including Kabeyu, Dzame, Mwadzaya, Chirindo and Kaluki Kamto made the decision and informed the committee when they flew in from where they study.

The committee is co-chaired by incumbent Kilifi deputy governor Gideon Saburi and Lands CAS and former Kilifi North MP Gideon Mung’aro.

According his close friend and ally Matano Chengo, Kamto was born into a Christian family but converted to Islam later in life.

“That is why all the funeral arrangements will be done according to Islamic rites,” said Chengo, the Jubilee Mombasa county chair.

Kamto was shot dead at his Nyali residence in Mombasa last Wednesday at 3 am. According to his widow, Fauzia, her husband had been trailed thrice by unknown people prior to his killing.


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Police have since questioned several people, including his family members, in a bid to try and unravel the mystery surrounding his death.

Kamto’s body will be removed from the Aga Khan Hospital morgue on Tuesday at 3pm and taken to his Nyali residence.

“It will be washed at the residence and prayed for there,” said Chengo.

The body will then leave the Nyali residence early Wednesday morning for Lugwe primary school ground where it is expected to arrive at 9 am.


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Deputy President William Ruto is expected to lead residents in viewing the body until 10 am when speeches will begin. The speeches will then be stopped at 12.30 pm when the body will be washed again and Dhuhr prayers held before burial.

“It is not a problem however. Once the body is shrouded, the face can be left so people can view,” Chengo added.

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