Shoot to kill orders give police upperhand

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Police in Kenya have been accused of using their weapons to mercilessly innocent civilians. The killing menace is about to get worse especially in Kisumu after the county Commissioner Pauline Dola issued a shoot to kill order on armed gangs mostly riding on motorcycles.

Speaking during Jamhuri Day celebrations at the Jomo Kenyatta Grounds, the Kisumu County Commissioner said that the sting operation would be launched to wipe out the organised gangs that have spiralled out of control.


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“We know there have been insecurity concerns caused largely by the return of organized crime. We know of armed motorcycle gangs which have been disrupting peace and robbing residents at gunpoint, especially in Milimani. We want to say that your days are numbered and we are going to get rid of you,” she declared.

The orders came two days after goons tortured, sexually assaulted and killed Mary Kore Abudho, a 73-year-old retired teacher, at her home in Rabuor.

The attackers got into her house after breaking the wall and critically injured her son.Two days later the attackers traced Abudho’s daughter in a neighbouring village and thoroughly beat her up.


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The directive also follows a recent public outcry sparked by a series of armed attacks in the city in broad daylight with some being attacked at gunpoint inside their homes.

In Milimani, where the robbers are said to target the members of the Asian business community, the gangs force their way into homes as owners arrive and rob them of cash and valuables at gunpoint.

Last month, a police officer was among victims of the armed attacks. The Administrative Officer was shot dead and his rifle stolen.

Dola further banned disco matangas with the aim of taming the insecurity in the region.

“These add no cultural value and are only brooding grounds for criminals. They use such hideouts to craft their plots,” she said.

Do you think the shoot to kill order will reduce crime or increase extra judicial killings?

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