Diamond’s Sister denys Tanasha Donna

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They hit headline last week after Tanzania Celebrated bongo musician Diamond Platinumz broke the internet after declaring his love for Kenyan radio presenter Tanasha Donna .

However not everyone is approving this love, Diamond Platinumz sister Esma Khan, has denied knowing Tanasha Donna.

Esma spilled the beans of Diamond’s ‘relationship’ with Kenyan bae, Tanasha

In her statement during an interview with on of the blogs in Tanzania she said that  has seen her around with her brother but the two haven’t bonded.


In addition she said, We are not used to each other. I see her on tours all the time. I know nothing about her. I do not know her well and i have a feeling she doesn’t know me. She is new and i even don’t know diamond’s direction. He speaks like he is serious. I haven’t spoken to my brother about his relationship

Despite not knowing her, esma thinks tanasha is cool and beautiful.She is cool, beautiful and seems not to be a woman of drama. She has brains and she comes from a rich family. Plus she is a fighter

She further said,  I don’t know tanasha but i pray for diamond to get a woman that he is satisfied with. We will support him

Diamond made it known that he loves Tanasha with words written on a white sandy beach where the two were enjoying themselves.

Esma Platnumz

He penned the words, “I Love You Tanasha”.

Days later Diamond declared that he is going to marry her soon and then photos of the two at the airport leaked.

Clearly, Tanasha has not yet been accepted into the family so she has to pull up her


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