Grow Up Woman!! Msupa S Launch Fresh Savage Attacks on Femi One

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Self Proclaimed Kalenjin Queen Msupa S is at it again, Known for her never ending rants on Social Media, the “watajua hawajui” hit maker has today hit out at Kaka Empire’s Femi One for what she termed as Femi One’s desperation for fame.

According to Msupa S, Femi One has been provoking her to get into a feud with her so that she can gain some fame. Msupa S has however warned Femi One to try her games with someone else as she can end up giving her a lesson of her lifetime.

She has called on Femi One to stop seeking attention using her name and music.

Msupa S has instead called on artistes to concentrate on how to improve and sell Kenyan Music.

“Hello Hello my pretty people. Nmeskia kuna mtu anataka nimtukane ndo ajulikane. Asitafute kiki na mimi. Ntamtoa mbio mbaya sana. don’t try me. Grow up woman!” tweeted Msupa S.

“I got no time to argue with Femi One. She better stop getting attention with my name and music. Let’s concentrate on how we should improve and sell our own music as Kenyans. Respect ni muhimu sana no matter why you do or who you are. Thanks,” she added.

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Femi one yesterday claimed that Msupa S is not an artiste but just a comedian. She compared Msupa S’ trolls to the wave of a “githeri man” saying that they have no impact whatsoever in her music career.

Well, with the new attacks from Msupa S, it looks like Femi One might get to the studio and drop another Pilau-Njeri like disstrack or maybe she’s also grown like Khaligraph Jones and no longer does disstracks. Only time will tell.

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