“Kazi kwa wazee” Uhuru recycles Moody Awori to a higher government post

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From the look of things the phrase “kazi kwa wazee” will continue reigning in Kenya. The President in his memorandum for campaign he pledged to create more jobs for the youth but what is going on right now is a direct opposite of what is said.

With the current youth unemployment rate in Kenya the President still looks for the old and retired people to reward them at the expense of young blood which is craving for such opportunities to even make ends meet.

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The job descriptions in Kenya are just scaring. The tag of experiences scares away the youth as it is always stating 3 years and above. Then where do people who finish higher levels of learning go to?

The former Deputy President of Kenya Moody Awori has been appointed as Board Member of the Sports,Arts and Social Development fund.

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He has received this appointment has he celebrates his 91st Birthday.

It is not the first time the President has gone back and appointed a person who has retired to a position of power. It has been a trend. Maybe he is guided by the saying that “old is Gold.”

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Some extents he has also picked corrupt officials and hoisted them to positions of power take a look at former CS Hassan Wario.

When will the youth also get an opportunity to lead in such powerful positions? And how will Moody Awori at 91 be able to lead sports, art and social development fund. A docket that has young and vibrant blood.

Will he really manage to lead the docket? Let us wait and see maybe it is the last shot for him to re-establish his legacy.


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