I was almost stripped, Ciku muiruri reveals

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The queen of radio just emerged from her hiding place after years of missing in action.

Ciku Muiruri former Classic 105 FM radio presenter  recounted how she was nearly stripped at a Thika bus stage several years ago.

Speaking during an interview on K24 talk central with Kalekye Mumo The former “Busted” host said,  “It was way back in the day at the Thika bus stage. You know these ‘mathree’ guys… I did not have dreadlocks at the time. I was wearing this skirt whose length was above the knee, and they [matatu crew members] just started following me, a whole bunch of guys, and the crowd kept getting bigger and bigger. They were definitely going to take my clothes off had this woman not stopped to help.”

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In addition she said, “I was scared, but I understood mob mentality at the time; people minding their own business until they see there is a guy brave enough to follow you, and then the other one joins, and the other one joins, and the other one joins. People just need someone to lead them – into wrong or into right. That is why I feel that I am very optimistic about our country. All in all, what happened to me can happen; it can happen.”

Ciku was well known for her busted show which was very famous on classic where she used to sort out people’s relationships and catching the cheats .

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This gave people a wrong [perception of who Ciklu was.

Just recently years after leaving radio she embarked on her first love of writing. Ciku just launched her first book Love is but just a dream where she is on a mission to promote it.

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