Willy Paul speaks on collabo with Nigerian King WizKid


The Controversial Kenyan Gospel Artist Willy Paul  revealed he had earlier planned to do a collabo with the Nigerian Star WizKid.

By now, Kenyans should understand that Willy Paul is an artist who can do a collabo with whoever he desires. The days when people faulted him for  going for collabos with secular artists are over clearly it does not matter.

Over time some fans have gone to extent of asking him to define what genre his music is. A fan on the streets on social media defended Willy Paul saying that he has never really said that he is into gospel music so people should not even judge him or set boundaries for him.

When Willy Paul came into the limelight , the song he was known for was ‘Sitolia’ in a collabo with Gloria Muliro who is believed to have been her mentor back then and had introduced him to Gospel Music.

Over time people and things change right? Well I think it is Kenyans should consider all these factors  before trolling Willy Paul also minding your business helps.

You are either a fan or not  and that is totally fine. Willy Paul on the hand has a role to play sincce he is a public figure and complaints that people feel are being misled .. is not a pretty good picture.

Speaking on collabos , Willy Paul on live Tv announced that he had plans to do a collabo with WizKid who was in the country a couple months ago, and the two had a talk about it.

There were rumors that Willy Paul was blocked by the promoters after he showed interest in a collabo with the Nigerian artist. In response this is what Willy Paul said.

‘The problem as Kenyans is that we do not love each other. I met WizKid and we had a discussion on the collabo… we then left it for the management but some artists went on to his manager ad told him that I am a trying artist.” He said

Willy Paul claims that his plans were ruined when some artists went on his back to tell WizKid that he is still an upcoming artists. A reason why WizKid ‘quit’on him.



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