Raila Odinga joins the Global Girl in education campaign

Raila Odinga has today met with the UNICEF young Champion Wendy Waeni and  offered his support to the education campaign which is one of the roles taken up by Waeni as a representative and ambassador of Children’s Rights.

It has been a week now since Waeni’s appointment by UNICEF and she has shown confidence and leadership abilities after she requested  for the meeting earlier yesterday.

Waeni has today got the opportunity to peach her ideas and get words of wisdom of  Raila Odinga managing to convince him to offer his support to her initiative in regard to children education.

The young ambassador noted that during the meeting, she emphasized to Raila Odinga the need of  world leaders to ensure that every child gets a free, quality and safe education.

Raila on his twitter page  said that the rights of children must be upheld at all times and we should all strive to create an enabling environment so that they may fulfill their potential and blossom into productive members of society.

The young star is already walking on a the path of a brighter future as she continues to inspire other young souls. Her story is purely described as young, successful and brilliant.. serving as an encouragement to young souls with big dreams.

Waeni is one of the young leaders who have gotten the privilege to meet with  Presidents from different nations and  serve others with commitment and at the same time have fun while at it.

To the young ambassador she has also proven to be focused and genuinely concerned with the needs of others by acting as the voice to the voiceless and put the the same zeal in fighting for their rights as well.

With such a good gesture Waeni is proof of how young people can impact change  in the society if given the opportunity to take up leadership roles.

What are your thoughts on the importance of involving young people in leadership?

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