[Details] How Obado is digging his own grave

Migori Governor Okoth Obado.

Coming from Nyanza, Obado should be the best person to talk about the dictatorship in the ODM party. After all he was the only governor from the region outside the party and understands the tumultuous times he went through, with MCAs trying to impeach him every now and then.

ODM as a party doesn’t take no for an answer. And I thought Obado had learned his lessons, when he switched back to the party in the runner up to last year’s elections. He went ahead to defend his sit despite most of ODM leaders favoring OChillo Ayacko.

If you can’t beat them, join them. Kenyan politics are still dominated by political parties which are just tribal alliances. Most leaders wouldn’t have made it to where they’re now without the blessings of ODM and Raila Odinga.

I am talking about Sospeter Ojamoong of Busia, Siaya’s Cornell Rasanga and Cyprian Awiti of Homa Bay. These are guys who are not popular with the electorate but are still leading.

Ruto, Obado

They understand Kenyan politics and know how to deal with Raila Odinga. To them, he is there father and whatever he says is law. There’s no disputing that.

I was therefore surprised when Obado, fresh from spending 34 rough nights at Industrial Area Police Station, over the murder of his girlfriend Sharon Otieno, decided that he now has the balls to welcome William Ruto to Luo Nyanza.

William Ruto is ODM’s number one enemy, and welcoming him to Nyanza was like daring Raila to a fight. But Obado did worse than that.

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He decided to call Baba a fake Joshua. This was in relation to Raila’s theory about the presence of crocodiles in river Jordan which prevented Kenyans from going to Canaan.

“Either the Joshua taking you to the river infested with crocodiles is fake or river Jordan itself is fake,” The governor told a gathering in Kuria on Saturday.

This was the worst Raila had heard from a leader from Luo Nyanza, and ofcourse he had to crack the whip.

The whip came in form of EACC raiding Obado’s two homes and recovering eight guns.

Do you think Obado should blame himself for his woes?

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