Shock as police arrest Mugo wa Wairimu’s innocent staff

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It seems our law enforcement agencies are only concerned with theatrics and not justice. Take for example the case of notorious fake doctor Mugo wa Wairimu who has been caught on camera twice raping and molesting his patients.

From conducting abortions, consuming alcohol inside the clinic as he attends to patients, the exposé drew ire from Kenyans on social media who called for his immediate arrest.

So rogue is Mr Wairimu that he extorts Sh23,000 from a woman whose daughter had just procured an abortion in the pretext that she was receiving treatment for an upset stomach.

In a rather shocking scene as the expose nears the end, Mr Wairimu conducts an interview for a new staff as a patient wails in the same room. Then Mr Wairium tells the interviewee to remove a stuck swollen swab from the patient’s body.

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In another scene, Mr Wairimu is seen giving a diagnosis seemingly drunk and then proceeds to demand Sh800 for drugs that cost only Sh40.

But despite all these, the doctor has not been arrested. Police instead decided to go after his two junior staff. Two students who are clearly innocent and have nothing to do with the rogue doctor.

The two; 22-year-old Victor Gathiru Kamunya and 19-year-old Risper Auma Ogony were charged with operating a business while not registered as a pharmacist by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board, operating a medical laboratory without registration and license by the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists Board, practicing as unregistered and unlicensed medical practitioners and practicing nursing and using the “Doctor” title without qualification.

The two who were practicing at Millan Health International Limited in Kayole, Nairobi denied all five counts.

Employees of suspected 'quack doctor' Mugo wa Wairimu charged

Gathiru, a final year medical student at Kenya Medical Training College was admitted at the clinic as an intern and is set to graduate in December 2018.

Auma is a first year student of Procurement Management and Supplies at Kiriri Women’s University in Githurai Nairobi. She is said to have worked part time at the clinic in a bid to pay school fees.

Presiding Magistrate Martha Mutuku however noted that the case was sensitive and ordered the detention of the two for seven days pending a pre-bail report which will determine their release.

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