Tottenham’s victory gets the help of their turf? Van Bommel: Wembley’s turf is too bad

In a Champions League group game that just ended, PSV Eindhoven lost to Tottenham Hotspur by 1-2. After the game, PSV Eindhoven coach Van Bommel gave a comment on Wembley’s pitch: “The quality of the turf at Wembley Stadium is very bad, but I told the players not to complain, try to adapt.”

When the game has only started for two minutes, Luuk De Jong helped PSV Eindhoven to score a goal. Then, Tottenham fight back. Harry Kane scored two goals, which helped Tottenham Hotspur finally reversed the game and secured a victory.

After the games ended, Van Bommel told the press: “The quality of the turf here is just like a glimpse. Just too bad! Although the turf condition is poor, we don’t complain too much. After a minute I told the boys: ‘Don’t complain. Try to adapt to the pitch.'”

“Everyone is eager to play on a great pitch, but you have to deal well with all kind of situations.”

After 4 games in the Champions League group stage, PSV Eindhoven only got 1 draw and 3 losses. They are currently in the bottom of the Champions League Group B. PSV Eindhoven will be at home against Barcelona next round. It will be a difficult game and Eindhoven is probably not able to have a win over strong Barca. Maybe their Champions League journey this season will end in the group stage.

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