Is Harmonize planning to leave WCB?

Rumours have it that Bongo Artist Harmonize might be quiting from Wasafi Class Baby record label.

Fans are already raising concern saying that the artist should not part ways with Wasafi since they are used to him being there and that he has had great achievements ever since he was signed under that record label.

Harmonize was the first musician to be signed by Wasafi when Diamond launched WCB and his touch of music has continued to impress fans over the years.

The artist has however not given any official communication in regard to this as fans continue to have these speculations.

As pulse records the artist in August revealed that he was not in a hurry to leave the record label because he wants to push his music to a higher level.

“Hakuna Harmonize bila Wasafi, so ata ukiona natoa hela nimenunua kitu basi ujue hio hela imetoka Wasafi. Swala la kuenda solo bado ni mapema sana, nataka kufikisha muziki wangu sehemu. Lakini kama itakuwapo siku nitakuambia”, he said.

Has the time come? On one of the artists fan page, a die hard fan is in tears saying that Diamond should not allow  Harmonize to leave just yet.

The rumor was triggered by Harmonize’s response to Diamond when they were talking about the Katika Festival.


Boss @diamondplatnumzhuyu #kondeboy tunamhitaji bado WCB ????????? bado tunampenda .. Asiondoke please ???? @harmonize_tz boss usiondoke WCB ????

Do you think Harmonize has

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