Shocking revelation on why Harmonize’s show flopped


Who is fooling who? Another narrative comes into play on what really happened during the ‘Chaget festival’.

Although Tanzanian Artist Harmonize had revealed that he did not turn up because he was not paid, another source has revealed that the artist insisted that his payment should be made in dollars.. something that was impossible at that time.

Rumors have it that Harmonize refused  his payment in cash.

Kenyans yesterday took to social media to air their dissatisfaction in the manner with which the much hyped “Chaget Festival” that was set to be headlined by the Wasafi signed artist went down.

In response to the fans messages, Harmonize said that the promoter had not paid him as they had agreed.

Fans complained about  their loss for paying for a show that was not worth. Worse even, chaos erupted leaving many injured.

The Tanzanian Artist went ahead and aired his apology and Kenyans seemed convinced that his reasons for not showing  up were valid. With the recent narrative, Harmonize is now on the receiving end  as fans feel duped by the artist.


..!!! binafsi najua kiasi gani pesa inatafutwa kwa ugumu but kwa mapenzi yenu mlijitoa kuja kuni support sio kwasababu mie ni special sana….!!! ni kwa upendo wenu tuu ila kilichonisikitisha ni promoters kuchukua pesa za watu wasio pungua 4000k then wakashindwa kuja kumalizia payment iliyobaki na kukimbia hii inaumiza sana…!! (1) ni dalili ya kunivunjia heshima na uaminifu kwa mashabiki zangu (2) imeniumiza kuona watu waliojitoa kulipa viingilio vyao just for me wanadhulumiwa mwisho kabisa…!!! niseme samahani #eldoret ?? next time nitahakikisha tumelipwa doo yote kabla ni come trust me i’m so….!!! disappointed and i love you ❤ and i was extra ready ?? i did#soundcheck and everything this is to bad ….!!!! ?

Even with his apology, angry fans reacted saying that it a shame that the only reason why he did not want to perform was because he was not paid in dollars. Have a look at this…

  • laura_ladyboss

    Ati you refused to perform…. Dude cool down bado hujamake it hii mambo ya kulete masifa ati unataka ulipwe in dollars not Kenyan money i think your ego has gone way so up.


  • symple_sylvia

    You very stupid, unakuja kutufanyia ushenzi na ushamba wako Kenya and you still posting nonsense, naomba next Show uchapwe we wewe!!


  • wandithia_terry

    So you refused to perform na hio love yote kenyans showed you simply because hukulipwa in dollars punguza maringo kidogo my fren

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