Kenyan celebrities that have reacted to Vera,Otile Break up


  1. Eddie Butita

Kenyan-born comedian, Creative Content Creator, Events Host and Voice Over Artist  has weighed in on Vera Sidika’s break up with Otile Brown.

In a tweet, this is what he had to say…

Butita might have shared his sentiments for feeling that the drama might have been hilarious in some way. He is not alone in this as Kenyans have gone ahead to joke about it as if it is not a big deal.

Kenyans took to social media to share their otile vera challenge, something that could have been avoided if no one had exposed the other.

2. Nick Mutuma

Kenyan actor, Nick Mutuma had earlier sent his reaction saying that …embarrassing one another over money is not cool

Vera had said that the two had broken up because Otile Brown had asked her for money and she was turned off by that and also  because he did not seem genuine.

3. Akothee

Celebrated Kenyan Artist Akothee yesterday weighed in on Vera Sidika’s recent break up with her boyfriend Otile Brown. Akothee went ahead to give her advise after Vera Sidika broke the news of their split.

Although fans feel that it was pretty immature for Vera Sidika to go to the extent of sharing screenshots that led to their break up. Akothee had advised Vera Sidika to block the man because she also gets turned off when a man simply asks for gifts..

Akothee: “Block del arse, even the one who asks me to bring him gifts it’s a turn off, I lose my love for you in a flash. Seeing my panties is on view sasa”

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