Tv reality star reveals how baby dady caused her depression


Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng says she can only date man with lots of money

Many female celebrities have opened up about their love life from toxic relationships to being left by baby daddies.

Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng has opened up about being left by her baby daddy two months after getting pregnant.

The mom-to-be revealed that when she shared the news with her baby-daddy, she did not get the reaction that she expected.

Her then Nigerian man wanted her to get an abortion, a reaction that she says left her heart broken, traumatized and depressed.

Bridget Achieng

Being her first pregnancy, the reality star decided to keep her child and raise it on her own.

Bridget says that she was close to losing her baby due to the depression she underwent, wondering how she was going to raise the child alone.

The reality TV star however notes that she would not wish the pain of rejection even on her worst enemy.

“Most of the time the ones that are rejected are the ones God raises very high. It was trauma and depression, thought I was going to lose my baby. Long nights, sickness but all in all God is not a man to lie, taking it one step at a time,” she said.

Not long ago she took  to her social media she revealed that she had been praying for a child and come February 2019 she will be a mom.

‘’For this child i prayed; and the lord has given me my petition that which i asked of him” (1st Samuel 1:27)…To my babies God mother @patraokelo Thanks for making sure i don’t miss doctor’s appointment
To all my friends and family thanks for the support and prayers ..all through GOD bless you,’’ she posted.

13 weeks pregnant, the actress who celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago did not reveal who the father to her child was.

She has been dating a West African man for close to two years and if her recent post is anything to go by, one Azeez may be the father.

‘’Help me wish biggest Happiest birthday to the stubbornest annoying, arrogant human being I’ve ever met. When you know you know…, and to thank him for giving me a gift that can’t be bought with money have a blast day dearest and my GOD give you all your heart desires…’’ she posted alongside a photo of her bae.

The actress once   revealed the qualities she is looking for in her ideal man. Bridget, who has never divulged a lot about her intimate life, recently claimed she was looking for a man who is very serious and focused with life.

Speaking during the Nairobi Diaries Season 8 re-union held at the Kenya National Theater(KNT), Bridget, also known as Madam Gucci, said she wants a man who is not only ready to settle down, but also loaded AF.

But why do most celebrities have baby dady issues?

Recenty Dj Pierra shamed her baby dady Pierra, for a second time after the birth of her daughter, has been turning heads with her motherhood story, although she has conveniently managed to keep her baby daddy secret.


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