What an upgrade!! The day Victoria Kimani became Nicki Minaj


Victoria Kimani has shared an exciting post on how she was mistaken for American Artist Nicki Minaj. This happened when a couple in the  streets of Paris handed her their baby to pose for a photo. Wow anyone would call this a minute of fame or probably an ‘awwwww’ moment. But considering that the Kenyan singer is popular, I wonder how we can describe it.

Victoria Kimani is an American-born Kenyan singer, actress , songwriter and entertainer. She has earned a number of nominations, with her singles receiving numerous airplay across Africa.

She is famously known for her songs… China love, Wonka, boom among others.

Nicki Minaj on the other end is a Trinidadian-American rapper, singer, songwriter, model, and actress. Apart from being famous for her music, her appearance gains her attraction from her fans; from team mafisi to the ladies who would wish to have her sexy look.

Victoria Kimani’s fans have shown excitement on this photo judging from their comments saying that she is way prettier and original.. Well who would not praise their own? I guess these are her Kenyan fans.

The two are so good at serving us with looks, and of course good music they pretty much have a number of similarities. Not so sure you would mistake one for another. Are they look a likes?Not so sure but I can tell than one would be in a huge dilemma if asked to choose between the two.

Since the moment can best be described by one who experienced it have a look at how she captioned it,.

So…. here I was… doing touristy things In Paris…. and this Couple came up to me and literally handed me their baby and told me to take a picture with her…. I later found out that they thought that I was @nickiminaj …. While I do appreciate the Ultra sweet compliment ? But guys…. I don’t look like the Queen… not even a little bit…. one day…. this child will grow up and realize that I am in fact…. not Nicki…. but a Popstar from AFRICA ( which is super cool too) anyway… we look cute in our matching hats ??


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