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Kericho county residents are in confusion after learning that county executive committee for education Moses Langat left the country after being sworn in.

The residents have challenged members of county assembly to explain why the officer was earning salary yet he is out of the country.

Langat has not been replaced and chief officer Beard Korir is acting on his behalf but the county leadership is silent on the issue.

“We want the county boss to explain why his CEC is running an office outside the country,” Stephen Bor said.

Kericho county assembly members are always in loggerheads with the governor Paul Chepkwony but they have remained silent on the issue of Langat.
“If indeed Langat is on payroll then it is wrong for the governor to retain a person who was employed in the UK as a lecturer,” Kericho resident stated.
Other officers under mysterious circumstances are Edna Ruto and Winny Touch who are senior county officers and did get blessings of the county assembly.

Governor Chepkwony has come out to state his stand on the matter.

Investigation also reveals that the governor is said to have a job waiting for him at a union Surrey in the UK when his term ends.

Those close to him say he has vast investment outside Kericho county that includes a flat outside the country.

The governor is currently not available in his office but is known for spending most of the time in Nairobi.

Dr. Moses K. Langat was born in Kenya and attended Kapkatet and Olenguruone DEB schools before joining Litein High. He graduated with a Bachelor degree in Education (Chemistry/Mathematics) from Egerton University, Kenya in 2002 followed by a distinction for the Master in Chemistry (organic and natural products option) at the same institution in 2005. Dr. Langat carried out his MSc research work at the Pyrethrum Board of Kenya under the Supervision of Prof. Peter K. Cheplogoi on the use of plant based synergists for pyrethrins.

His main research focuses on the discovery of novel drugs or drug leads from African traditional medicinal plants and their determination of absolute stereostructures using electronic circular dichroism.

Dr. Langat was awarded with the 2013 Academic Achiever of the annual UK-Kenya Achievers Award in recognition of his research work

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