‘Pastor Kanyari is a Stingy Man who Does very Little for his kids’

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‘Ni mkono gamu sana!’ That is how celebrated gospel musician described her ex husband Victor Kanyari.

Speaking in an interview with Massawe on Radio Jambo, Betty Bayo hinted that the controversial pastor is the kind of father who needs to be reminded to provide for his children.

We are neither enemies nor friends, but we coordinate where it is possible. He is a stingy man who only provides little for his children, ni mkono gamu sana. Don’t think he is that man you wake up and ask him for everything. He helps kidogo but I believe as a woman you are not supposed to depend fully on men, so I provide for them. With an attitude like mine, unaeza finyiliwa coz not all men can provide without being reminded, unless umwambie”

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Betty Bayo and Kanyari parted ways three years ago after Betty realized that her husband had been running a false ministry. Asked if she misses her ex-husband, Betty said: “I don’t miss Kanyari. I am so occupied with life and I even don’t follow up on what he does. I am enjoying the freedom of being single.

The ‘Siyabonga’ singer also opened up about her marriage to the controversial pastor. She disclosed that she stuck in a toxic situation because she was afraid of what people would say and urged ladies not to get stuck in a loveless marriage simply because of what people will say.

“Every marriage has issues. There are those you can stand but others you can’t. It is every woman’s dream to have a family, but I learnt that it is good to never cover up for the wrong things just because of love. If it is not working, walk out. Don’t die because of what people will say after you walk out.”

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She added: “I persevered so much because of fear, thinking it would work. But it didn’t seem to work, and I thank God I came out alive.”

The singer further dismissed rumors that she had got her last child out of wedlock.

“When you are in the public eye people say what they want so you shouldn’t let yourself be affected. Some even said that my child was white. People talk, you can’t stop people from talking when you are in the public domain. I’ve never had a child out of wedlock, both of my children belong to Kanyari,” she said.

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More interestingly though is the fact that the singer has not given up on love. She said she is open to getting married again in future.

“It has been three years since I left and when the time comes, I will get married again to a good person, because I don’t want to find myself in a similar situation,” she said.


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