Bobi Wine; new face of Uganda

Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, unafraid of fighting for justice, for his country and what he believes is best for the Ugandan people. He came into the limelight following his arrest and detention months ago which sparked a lot of reaction from different parts of the world. Bobi Wine is a man of influence and many have applauded him for his continuous efforts to bring change in his country.

Bobi Wine is also one of the main critics of the Ugandan Government and although some have titled him as a young rebel, the youth brand him as an agent of change, the face of the Ugandan people. Speaking during an interview, he highlighted some of the reasons that according to him are causing the downfall of their nation.

On the state of Uganda

“President Yoweri Museveni used to be surrounded by intelligent people but now the people who surround him are his family and people of his tribe and that is what is leading to the death of institutions and the country.

I did not see Idi Amin but I think Museveni is worse; he has misruled us longer than Idi Amin and he has messed up everything that Amin did; Idi Amin was a dictator but he did not destroy the infrastructure, he did not condone corruption. The Ugandan parliament has been reduced to a talk show and a rubber stamp of what Museveni wants!” he said

“We want a servant leader and not a ‘boss leader’. Lets us give power to the people to choose and unchoose that president

The government seems to be telling the young people that they can either shut up or die and in response the young people of Uganda seem to be saying that they want to either be free or die. President Museveni doesn’t work for Uganda. He works for himself and his family!

A message to Museveni: I would like to tell him he is  a president and he should  be  true to his word to his people and he should live by his promises.

On whether he fears for his life

For now there is nothing more to fear. I always feared for the worst and the worst has already happened. I fear growing old in a messed up country more than dying  I’m not free to move around.

Every time I attempt to leave my house I’m followed by the military and the police. On him being President, Bobi Wine noted that it was not the issue;  he just wants to be free now.

I miss my old self, my freedom but it was just an illusion; I do not regret any decision that I made because this was a calling it wasn’t about me

Many of us were arrested but maybe God used me to highlight the plight of Ugandans

I hated being called a politician because where I come from the word politician lost meaning; the word politician means lying and manipulating people

Bobi Wine also stated that he does not have any beef with the Ugandan government.

The more I grew, the more I realized that I actually I had a role to play in terms of fixing my country

Bobi Wine strongly believes that freedom comes to those who fight and not those who cry.. he has made a commitment and taken it as his responsibility to fix the country of Uganda and with his efforts he believes that Uganda still stands a chance of becoming a changed nation.

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