Watch out : Time of the Day Car Accidents Happen the Most

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It is no surprise that more car accidents happen at specific times and dates.

There will be times when people are in a rush and other when people might be drunk. These are the times when more accidents are bound to happen.

For future reference, it can help to know these times and dates, so you don’t get stuck on the roads when crashes are at their highest.

Would you really want your family on the roads when everyone is in a blind rush to get somewhere?

No. Probably not.

In this article, we will be identifying the time of day for the most accidents as well as a few noteworthy dates in the year when car accidents are at their highest.

So, let’s get started

The Time of Day You Need to Avoid

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Rush hour is a hectic period for everyone. Whether it be the morning or the evening.

Therefore, it should be no surprise to you that these periods are when the majority of accidents happen.

In particular:

Accidents are more likely to occur in the evening rush, which happens between 6 pm and 9 pm.

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In addition, the accidents that happen in this time frame are the most fatal. However, what was surprising is that most of these accidents (in the evening rush hour) were not related to alcohol.

After Midnight, however, the alcohol-related accidents skyrocketed.


                                   It Gets More Dangerous After Midnight


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When the sun sets, and when most people decide it is time for bed, the drunk drivers come out to reap havoc on the roads.

Among the fatal crashes that happen between midnight and 6 am, over 71% of the total car accidents were the result of intoxication.

If you want to avoid being in a fatal accident, it might be best to pull over and rest up for the night before driving again in the morning.

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                                                            Be Aware of the Holidays

Holidays can be a time of joy and happiness for many families in kenya.

However, these times are also when car crashes are more likely to occur (according to the data).

Among all the holidays, one stands out:


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Although this is a festive time, it can be agreed that most people are in a rush to collect gifts and buy the turkey.

And when something goes wrong on the roads or there is a disagreement, road rage can sink in and cause even more crashes.

Because Christmas is a festive time for everyone, drinking becomes a tradition around this period.

As you can imagine, this leads to one thing:

More alcohol-related car accidents.

Because of all of this, it might be best to do the shopping alone. There is no need to take the whole family on a shopping adventure as you could be risking their lives. Especially with the maniac drivers that bolt around at this time of the year.

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