DP William Ruto accused of causing ‘tension’ in the counrty

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Deputy president William Ruto has been accused of causing tension in the country with his ‘premature’ nationwide campaign. The accusations were made by Likoni MP Mishi Mboko.

This was in response to the Deputy President’s  claim that Opposition leader Raila Odinga was planning on kicking him out of the Jubilee Party.

On Sunday, Ruto while in Mombasa called Raila a “conman”. The DP is also on record claiming his wealth was genuinely amassed, shrugging off the corruption tag.

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The latest outburst by Kenya’s second in command that Raila was scheming against him has attracted fury from the former Prime Minister’s backers, including Mboko.

“Raila is a respected global leader and that is why he is making all those tours… everyone knows who the conman and the corrupt is,” she said.

“Leaders like President Uhuru Kenyatta are not politicking but giving back to their electorates through Big Four. Their focus is to unite this country.”

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Mboko said the March 9 handshake, which she accuses Ruto of being cagey about, has brought calmness in the country and must not be fought. She spoke on Wednesday at the Likoni School for Blind during the unveiling of a Sh7 million bus.

Mboko dismissed Ruto’s forays at the Coast saying the deputy president was “racing against himself and cannot claim an early win.”

She warned ODM rebels trooping to the DP’s rallies that they will “lose big time” in 2022.

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“We saw what happened to Zainab Chidzuga – former Kwale woman representative, and ex-Kilifi South MP Mustapha Iddi,” she said.



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