‘Yaani Mnaiba hadi Sauti?’ Drama in Parliament As MPs are rigged out Fuel Tax vote

There was drama in Parliament Thursday afternoon following a bitter dispute between MPs who voted for and against President Uhuru Kenyatta’s proposal to cut Value Added Tax on fuel products to 8 per cent.

Those against the move insist they carried the day and have accused Temporary Duty Speaker Soipan Tuya of declaring wrong results after the vote.

As soon as the outcome was pronounced, MPs stood on their feet prompting the temporary speaker to order a division. Tuya asked the Clerk of the National Assembly Michael Sialai to count the members but only 215 members were in House which doesn’t meet the threshold.

She then went ahead to pronounce that those in support of the proposal had won the vote.

And Kenyans cannot believe What just unfolded in front of their eyes. Some asked how the government can steal even voices of the nays.

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