Uber and Taxify drivers to go on strike next week

Uber and Taxify drivers have once again called for a strike beginning Tuesday next week over claims of failure by management to honour an MOU.
Drivers of the Digital Taxi Forum Union accused management of neglecting their needs. “On July 11, 2018, we signed an MOU with Uber and Taxify companies, within the MOU signed we agreed on pricing and models, recognition of drivers representative by the company App, contagious engagement with partners among others, we also agreed with the App company to renew the prices for the well-being of customers, they have ignored this therefore we have decided on Tuesday from 7am to we shall be on strike until our needs are looked into,” he said. According to DTF Secretary General Wycliffe Alutalala, the Uber and Taxify management has not implemented the MOU signed hence exposing drivers to poor working conditions.

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