‘I always look to raise the of Chile’-Alexis Sanchez

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Alexis Sanchez has won more caps and scored more goals than any player in Chile’s history, being a key figure in winning back-to-back Copa Americas in 2015 and 2016.

Although the forward opted against playing in his nation’s two friendlies during this current international break, deciding to work on his fitness at the Aon Training Complex instead, the 29-year-old is immensely proud of his Chilean heritage, as he revealed to United Review…Image result for alexis sanchez chile copa america

“My family is there, I love Chile. I always look to raise the name of my country high up in the world. Every time I go, people show me that they love me very much. The young children, they are the ones who look up to you, as an idol, and you try to do your best for them.”

“When you first play for your country you fail to understand the magnitude of playing for Chile. The first time I wore the shirt, I could not believe it. It’s like defending your country. It’s something very nice and now you appreciate it more, because we did not qualify for the World Cup. Now, when you wear Chile’s shirt, it makes your hair stand on end.”

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“When we won our first Copa America in Chile, and the support of all the people, our family and friends… It was very nice for the entire country. On top of that, we beat Argentina, they were a world power, with impressive players. The truth is that it makes me very happy, also for my team-mates, as we made a great effort that day. I think the Chileans are going to remember it their whole lives. What is more, we won the same cup twice. The second one too, I think, was a joy for Chile. And to this day they are proud of every player. We need to repeat this triumph, do our best to take Chile to the top.”

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