Elachi: MCAs Want me out Through the Backdoor

Speaker Beatrice Elachi in her office on Monday, September 10, when MCAs tried to eject her. /MAUREEN KINYANJUI

Embattled Nairobi speaker Beatrice Elachi has said it is wrong to remove someone who is rightfully in office.

“I cannot force myself on Nairobians, but also if I have done wrong, the County Government Act is clear on how to remove me,” she said during an interview with NTV on Monday. If there is evidence of abuse of office then I will give my resignation letter.”

MCAs impeached Elachi last week on Thursday but a court reinstated. Some 103 MCAs voted to remove her from office, two voted against while two others abstained. The MCAs removed her for causing ‘great embarrassment’ to the county assembly.

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“They said they voted 103 members, and the standing orders say we can not shout by voting yes or no, we do it through the electronic system,” Elachi said.

She said the county voting system does not allow its members to vote while shouting in the assembly.

“My worry is when you decide to change your standing orders. I want to plead with them that if standing orders are changed, you can only use it in the next session and right now we are in recess,” she said. She noted that she has always made sure that there is no split in the county assembly.

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