Strange! The Superstar Left Everyone At The Monaco Gala


Juventus star C Ronaldo did not attend the UEFA awards ceremony in Monaco, which is really a strange thing.

“Marca” said that even the photographer who accompanied him on all important occasions in Cristiano Ronaldo came to Monaco, waiting for him to win the honor of the best player again – of course, finally awarded to Modri odd.

His absence was not explained by official reasons – he appeared on the guest list given by UEFA – the only explanation came from Juventus Marotta, who said after the award ceremony: “This is a personal decision. He is in the afternoon. The decision to make, as a club, we respect.”

Messi did not attend the awards ceremony, but he had long decided not to attend the awards ceremony.

The fact that C Ronaldo did not show up also meant that he would not reunite with Florentino after the reunion. Lafayette said that he was waiting to embrace Ronaldo before the award ceremony.

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