Pochetino speaks high of Man United boss Mourinho

Pochettino: Mourinho inspires all young coaches

Tigers on August 27th In the third round of the Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur will challenge Manchester United away. The current Tottenham coach Pochettino and Manchester United coach Mourinho have known each other for many years and are very good friends. Before the game, Bo Shuai was interviewed and talked about Mu Shuai.

Pochettino said: “For every young coach who is more than Mourinho, he is inspiring us. It is true for everyone. There is no doubt. I have learned a lot from him, very much. He is an incredible coach.”

“I am younger than him, of course. Now my environment is also happening to other coaches, and they will also experience ups and downs.”

“For a coach like me, Mourinho is my inspiration and encouragement. I have a very good relationship with ‘Mu’. When I was a Spanish coach, I respected him and his club very much. ”

“When the team loses, you will feel responsibility. I am also a coach, and I am also responsible. I always think: ‘You can do better’, never satisfied. If you win, You can do better. This is a state of mind, victory, winning every day, every moment of the training field.”

Pochettino spoke of Aldwyer’s transfer rumors, “I will tell them first, then tell you. For me, every player here starts from scratch. Giving them a chance is very important. Instead of their performance in the previous or previous season, this is a new page.”

“When I signed a new contract with Tottenham, it was like when I came to the club on the first day. Without any prejudgment, you have to start from scratch. It is very difficult to coach in England. The four events, of course, are huge. Challenge. We have talked a lot about this. All the staff, coaching staff, and medical staff are trying to make the best choice. Now even more so, we need to be smarter.”

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