Raila Admits They Used Hackers To Know ‘True’ Poll Results; Natembeya Alleges Some Bandits’ Funders Might be Close to Ruto & Raila: Not Recognising Ruto Doesn’t Mean He’s Not President 

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President William Ruto has recently been on an onslaught over Azimio in a move seen by political pundits as a bid to weaken the opposition.

His latest storming of the preceding ruling party, Jubilee, has now left the once powerful faction a shell of its former self with wrangles within the party rendering it almost non-existent.

On Sunday, Nominated MP Sabina Chege, EALA legislator Kanini Kega, and other Jubilee lawmakers were welcomed to the government by Ruto, who stated that they returned ‘home’.

Moreover, the Head of State has raided his main nemesis Raila Odinga’s own party, ODM, after a contingent of ODM leaders met Ruto at State House last week. The former Premier termed them traitors and asked them to quit the party.

However, Ruto’s camp has come out to defend him stating that the recent move by a section of Azimio leaders to support the Kenya Kwanza government had not been influenced by the President.

According to Leader of the Majority in the National Assembly Kimani Ichung’wah, the leaders had made their own decisions as he argued that Ruto had no motive of forcing anyone to work with him and that anyone was free to leave without coercion.

Do you think it is right for the opposition leaders to break ranks with Azimio to work with the government despite Raila insisting Ruto’s administration is illegitimate?

Meanwhile here are the news making headlines on Opera News today:

Raila Admits They Used Hackers To Know ‘True’ Poll Results

Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio La Umoja, claims to have worked with ethical hackers to determine the truth about the last General Election, which he claims he won by over 2.2 million votes.

In an interview with Ramogi TV on Monday, the former Prime Minister stated that he did not want to comment on the election until he had all of the facts.

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Natembeya Alleges Some Bandits’ Funders Might be Close to Ruto

Natembeya: Ruto shouldn't be shielded from truth on banditry

Yesterday, Former Rift valley region commissioner George Natembeya gave some wise words to the president during the Nakuru prayers rally.

Interestingly, the famous governor has now alleged that some of the main bandits’ financiers were at president Ruto’s meeting last evening.

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Raila: Not Recognising Ruto Doesn’t Mean He’s Not President

Kenya: Has Raila Odinga used up all his chances to become president?

Azimio La Umoja One Kenya leader Raila Odinga has opened up about not recognising President William Ruto’s government.

During an interview on Ramogi TV, the former premier stated that Ruto was the president in an acting capacity.

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