Introducing Opera Self-Serve in the Kenyan Market

Opera is pleased to announce the introduction of self-serve offering to our wide array of innovative digital services.

Our new self-serve platform is a modern promotion channel, for advertisers seeking to tap into the rich Opera audience base, and reach millions of our readers, using a simple self-serve process designed to meet all advertising requirements under one interface.

Under this platform, advertisers have the liberty to design their marketing messages (native ads and videos), according to their in-house content optimization techniques, while we, on the other hand, ensure that targeted customers receive the said content.

The platform is open to all individuals and businesses with a budget of less than 10,000 USD seeking access to the extensive and diverse Opera global network.

Another unique feature about this product is the fact that you have the liberty to set your own budget depending on your specified needs.

For further inquiries, advertisers can reach out to our team through this email address.

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