How Email Marketing Can Benefit Your Online Business


In 2020, the number of email users globally shot up to four billion up from three billion the previous year. On average, most people will spend over six hours reading and responding to emails daily making email the most active digital media platform.


Email marketing is, therefore, the number one solution to reach and communicate with your customers, grow your brand and your business and create new relationships and new audiences.


While email marketing is fairly new, marketing still has the same objectives as always; to make and increase sales, while meeting the customers’ needs.


Email marketing will benefit your online business by bringing your voice and brand directly to your customer fast and conveniently. The onus is on you to create optimal content that connects with your recipients.


Why Email Marketing Works


Personalized Content


Customers want to feel noticed, heard, and personally connected to any company or brand they intend to work with especially long term. Personalized email content is the most effective tool you have in your arsenal.


It could be as simple as addressing your customers by their first names in salutation, acknowledging their engagement with a ‘thank you’, or wishing them happy birthday. These gestures cement your relationship with your customer and keep them engaged with your brand.


With an established connection, it will be easier to generate leads and encourage your customer to further respond to your call of action.


Brand Recognition


Coca-cola, Amazon, LG all have massive recognition globally and invest heavily in marketing. People resonate with these brands almost instinctively because they are well known and thus trusted.


All businesses need visibility in their target market and email marketing is the way to build this prominence in the minds of consumers. Craft relevant and captivating headings and content that customers want to engage with regarding your brand.


Encourage feedback and discussion around your product continually which will give you insight into what customers want from you and your brand.


Optimal use of Your Time and Budget


Small businesses do not have the financial muscle to execute expansive marketing campaigns and advertise on traditional media such as TV and radio. This does not mean their reach must be limited.


Of the benefits that accrue from email marketing, the efficient use of both time and money is the most beneficial to small companies. Remaining competitive and growing means investing in email marketing campaigns to reach potentially anyone on the globe while spending less and utilizing as much time as possible on your business.


Email marketing is made even easier by using marketing automation tools such as eSputnik. A marketing automation software designed for businesses that allows you to create and launch promotions and marketing campaigns via email, SMS, Viber and Push notifications.


Establish Strong Customer Relationships


Customers respond to well-crafted useful content and constant engagement is key to maintaining this relationship. Reaching each customer by phone or in-person is expensive and practically impossible.


Email marketing is the solution here. Automated marketing tools contain even more features and services to make successful marketing campaigns and maintain ongoing relationships with customers while creating new ones with new audiences.


eSputnik has built-in eCommerce features for online businesses such as product recommendations within emails and triggered emails that inform, engage, and re-activate dormant interactions.


Generate Leads and Make Sales


Online shoppers are notoriously impulsive and the benefits of buying online grow every day with deals getting sweeter and better each day. This is an excellent avenue to increase sales by letting your customer know they can have more.


Feature related items in your email letting the customer know that a previous purchase is often bought alongside this new product. List items similar to your customers’ last purchase or purchases giving them choices and definitely give discounts, offers, and promotions on products to boost sales.


Build Credibility and Authority


You want to stand out and build confidence in your customers as a trustworthy brand and this takes time and constant engagement. Create content that not only resonates but educates and is informative.


Relevant and accurate facts and information about topics the customer has expressed interest in will establish your business and website as the place to visit to get queries answered and gather any new information regarding your products and services. Think Wikipedia!


Customer trust lends itself to advertising since customers recommend products and services to their counterparts generating new avenues to acquire new audiences. Link social media to your site, and with your emails allowing customers to recommend your brand to others.







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