KDF Officers Complete Final Deployment Training Ahead Of Dangerous Mission to Congo; Ben Githae on ‘Tano Tena’: Uhuru Looked for me and Gave me a Fat Envelope & Customers Start to Feel Cost of Digital Service tax

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This has always been a joke used by Kenyan men to tease women who pay too much attention to their looks, particularly their hair, but could it be true that simplicity is, really, an ingredient to success?

In the said joke, men assert that successful ladies in the countries, such the First Lady and the Second Lady don the simplest hairstyle there is, a haircut.

This is despite them holding powerful positions and being married to men holding even more powerful positions, which means that they can afford all manner of hairstyles.

Newly nominated Chief Justice, Martha Koome, joins the list of powerful women whose humility is simply amazing.

The legal powerhouse, during her interview for the position, was dressed in a nice suit and a simple short hair pushback, without all the paraphernalia that women like using on their hair such as bows, clips, and fancy hair bands.

The acting Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu and Lands CS Faridah Karoney, are also worth mentioning while discussing hair simplicity and success.

So, girls, maybe men have been right all along making fun of our weaves, extensions and wigs?

A woman who is currently struggling in life should cut her hair short and tell us if things start looking up for her, as an experiment.

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

KDF Officers Complete Final Deployment Training Ahead Of Their Dangerous Mission In Congo

Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) Officers patrol a war zone

Days after President Uhuru Kenyatta announced that the Kenyan troops would be going for a peace-keeping mission.

Kenyan troops have already started the necessary training that would help big time during deployment.

The Commander Kenya Army Lt. Gen. Walter R Koipaton visited Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) Quick Reaction Force (QRF) troops training at Kangaita Camp in Mt. Kenya, Nanyuki.

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Ben Githae on ‘Tano Tena’: Uhuru Looked for me and Gave me a Fat Envelope

Ben Githae with Jubilee Leaders

Award-winning vernacular gospel singer Ben Githae says the Jubilee Party did not commission his chart-topping political hit, ‘Tano Tena’.

Speaking during an interview on ‘Bonga na Jalas’, Githae explained that he composed the song on his own volition during 2017 campaigns after opposition leader Raila Odinga and his team used catchy tunes in their campaigns.

“I had joined these guys since 2011 and it seemed they would be sent home. When I went to the studio to do another album, I asked the producer to listen to the song I had, the guy told me ‘this song is so huge.’

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Customers start to feel cost of digital service tax

KRA headquarters
KRA headquarters [Photo, Courtesy]
Kenyans have started to feel the cost of the newly introduced digital service tax, having to pay more to access the online services.

Online streaming platform, Netflix, subscribers for instance will begin paying Sh250 more from May 27 2021.

“After May 27 2021, your monthly price will include a tax increase, the total price will now be Sh1450,” read a statement on the app for users on the Premium plan.

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Do you think President Uhuru Kenyatta will reopen the country before schools resume, to enable travel of students to their respective learning institutions?

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