Uhuru’s Health Status and 5 Other Trending Stories This Week

As the month of April draws closer to its end, Kenyan citizens continue to be faced by a common problem; uncertainties due to the effects of COVID-19.

The effects of this have been strained relationships between people, leading to severe cases of domestic violence.

Well, for our leaders, it is business as usual, with the main goal being the 2022 general elections. Talks on new alliances continue booming while existing alliances are subjected to tests.

Here are some stories which dominated headlines this week;

  1. Episodes from Uhuruto Divorce

After Deputy President William Ruto let the cat out of the bag concerning his relationship with his boss Uhuru Kenyatta, the Jubliee Party has hit back.

An illustration of Uhuru and Ruto disagreement. Photo: Courtesy the Elephant

The party seems to be on a mission to embarrass Ruto more by cutting off all the ties with him. Last week, Ruto said that UDA was among the parties which came together to form Jubilee.

Now, Secretary-general Raphael Tuju has officially started the process of ending their agreement with UDA. He wrote to the Registrar of Political Parties, demanding the dissolution of the agreement with Party of Development and Reforms, which is now named UDA.

2. DCI Trains Guns on Citizen TV

On Sunday, Citizen TV treated Kenyans to a chilling documentary revealing the rot in the police service. In the expose’, it was revealed that there are rogue officers in the service who lend their tools of service to criminals in exchange for money.

The officers sell out their guns, uniforms, handcuffs, and even bullets to criminals who use them to rob civilians and even murder them.

This documentary did not settle well with DCI boss George Kinoti who said that the story was not factual and even warned that the journalists risked their lives by not involving the police in their investigations.

DCI Kinoti and Citizen TV’s Purity Mwambia: Photo, Courtesy

As a result, Kinoti’s team summon involved journalists and editors of the Royal Media Service for questioning over their documentary.

What followed was termed as an act of intimidation as the DCI recalled police officers who were serving at the station’s offices along Denis Prit Road in Nairobi.

3. The Nightmare of Curfew

The 8 PM curfew imposed in Nairobi city has turned out to be a nightmare for residents. Many residents have been caught roaming outside past 8 PM, forcing them to spend nights at the police roadblocks.

Police officers manning the roadblocks showed solidarity with offenders by lighting fire along the roads to keep them warm as they serve their punishment.

A passenger getting into a bus through the window: Photo, Courtesy/Nation.

This has been a challenge to Nairobians who struggle to get public means of transport to get home on time, forcing many to spend the night on the streets.

4. KEMSA Tenderpreneur- David Murathe

Jubilee Vice-Chairman David Murathe has been named the beneficiary of a Ksh 4 Billion tender to supply PPEs to KEMSA.

Jubilee vice-chair David Murathe: Photo, Courtesy

In an affidavit written to parliament, Murathe himself admitted that he was a guarantor for the Kilig company which won the Multibillion tender award.

5. A violent Nation

The week was marred by media reports on cases of domestic violence. After the death of Catherine Nyokabi, his boyfriend, Evans Karani confessed to having killed her.

The late Catherine Nyokabi with her lover, Evans: Photo, Courtesy

While appearing before the high court in Thika, Karani asked the judge for a speedy ruling so that he starts to serve his jail term.

This and other cases of Gender-based-violence sparked the reaction of ODM leader Raila Odinga. In his advice to couples, he urged them to try and settle differences amicably, and if it does not work, it was better to leave than to kill.

6. A healthy President?

Kenyans sometimes get curious and cheeky about their President, Uhuru Kenyatta. This week, a concern was raised over the bodyweight of the head of state.

In a photo comparison, it is visible that the President has added a lot of weight. His current appearance compared to when he took office clearly shows that he has been growing as the country’s financial debt keeps growing.

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