DP Ruto Disowns Raila Coalition Rumors; Prepare for Lockdown Removal and Reduced Curfew Hours & “Deep State in Panic” Itumbi’s Late Night Message After Moses Kuria Was Arrested

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It is a globally known fact that Kenyans are superb athletes, and going by social media trends, running is not the only sport we are good at.

As a country that is deep into the Information Age, citizens of Kenya have developed the ‘talent’ of jumping into conclusions.

This is especially in matters politics, where netizens only take issues at face value, forgetting that politicians are masters of deceit and mind games.

How many times have we forced friendships, enmities, and lately, coalitions among our leaders, going by Facebook posts, Twitter posts, TV interviews or speeches?

One day, we have news that President Uhuru Kenyatta has made up with his Deputy William Ruto, just because we saw them share a light moment, the next, we hear the duo has broken up, just because the Head of State was seen meeting ODM leader Raila Odinga.

One day, we hear Ruto is wooing Raila or vice versa, and the next day, One Kenya Alliance is brought into the mix.

We need to develop a more analytic approach on issues to avoid constant disappointments when things do not play out as we thought they would.

The media also needs to take its agenda setting role more seriously, since we are the ones who fuel the confusion with speculative headlines day in and out.

Speaking of which, here are stories making headlines on Opera News today: 

DP Ruto Disowns Raila Coalition Rumors, Heeds to Mt. Kenya Threats on a Coalition with ODM Leader

Deputy President William Ruto

With the meeting of Deputy President William Ruto with Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya and later the governor meeting with ODM leader Raila Odinga causing a heated debate across the country of a possible political merger between the two, new details have now emerged none of the two is interested into entering into a coalition with each other.

With more speculations arising of what message Oparanya could have had for the two, the director of communication in the office of the president has cleared the air by saying that DP Ruto has no plans of entering into a coalition with the opposition leader.

However, earlier while on a radio interview DP had hinted that he had no issue with working with Raila Odinga because they share similar political ideologies.

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Prepare For Lockdown Removal, Reduced Curfew Hours And School Re-opening, Details Emerge

President Uhuru Kenyatta.

President Uhuru Kenyatta made a decision to impose new restrictions due to the rise of the Corona virus cases in the country.

The government imposed a lockdown in five counties namely: Nairobi, Kiambu, Machakos, Kajiado and Nakuru.

The lockdown has affected the transport sector as thousands of Kenyans who earned their daily living as drivers, conductors and transport managers have been forced to go without pay.

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“Deep State in Panic” Itumbi’s Late Night Message After Moses Kuria Was Arrested

Moses Kuria

Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi has come out to react after report that Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria was arrested.

Itumbi blamed the “Deep State” for the arrest as he claimed that the deep state is in panic because of the Juja by-elections.

Itumbi claimed that the deep state had allegedly failed to prevent Juja aspirant George Koimburi from running under Kuria’s People’s Empowerment Party and now they have arrested Kuria.

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Given the myriad of challenges faced by 2020 KCPE and KCSE candidates, do you think the government should lower high school and university entry grades and cutoff points this year?

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